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more from The Restless Quarter

posted by on 2011.08.16, under MAKESHIFT NEWS, PROJECTS, The Restless Quarter

A couple more images of our project The Restless Quarter, which can still be seen in Sydney at Carriageworks until Sept 3.


Thanks SPUR!

Sister Cities Biennial: Urbanition

posted by on 2011.05.28, under MAKESHIFT NEWS, PROJECTS, The Restless Quarter

For any of you currently on the other side of the planet … we’re part of an exhibition on now at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. Urbanition is the first of their Sister City Biennials, for which the curators Justine Topfer & Meg Shiffler invited a group of artists to “create works addressed to civic leaders of San Francisco and Sydney that propose visionary solutions to make each city more humane, green and liveable.”

You can see it there for another month or so (and later in the year at CarriageWorks in Sydney). Details on our project below:


The Restless Quarter

The Restless Quarter is an open-ended document of mobility and change, an expanding propositional archive of the city broken down and reconstituted so that that it can shift according to climate change events (meteorological and geopolitical). Assisted by strategically located participants, The Restless Quarter collects – and borrows from – existing mobile structures and itinerant services found on the streets of San Francisco, Sydney and elsewhere. It asks those in the business of (de)futuring our cities to confront what design theorist Tony Fry has called the impending “age of unsettlement” and begin welcoming ways of living that are dynamic, responsive and opportunistic. What kinds of infrastructures, social networks and support services might The Restless Quarter require or self-generate, and which bus do I catch to get there?”



San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery

401 Van Ness, San Francisco
April 28 to July 2, 2011

CarriageWorks Arts Centre, Sydney
Wilson St., Redfern
August 4 to September 3, 2011


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