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Jar Swap for Making Time

posted by on 2013.03.07, under MAKESHIFT NEWS, Making Time, PROJECTS

Anyone feel like picking up a jar of pickles or jam from the Making Time cart?
This Saturday is our final day, and it’s a Jar Swap for all and sundry. Bring along your homemade preserves to swap for ours.

Sat 9 March
8am – 1pm
Eveleigh Farmer’s Market














Making Time: A Matter of Life and Death

posted by on 2013.01.27, under MAKESHIFT NEWS, Making Time, PROJECTS

Making Time is coming to Sydney! As part of Performance Space’s upcoming ‘Matters of Life and Death’ program, Making Time will be in residence at Carriageworks and the Eveleigh Farmers’ Market from Feb 23 – Mar 9, 2013. Each Saturday between 8am – 1pm we’ll be setting up a temporary experimental kitchen amongst the market, offering a platform for participants to share strategies for preserving food, and human life.

More info here

Making Time project blog

posted by on 2012.09.26, under MAKESHIFT NEWS, Making Time, PROJECTS

Makeshift is in Finland this week presenting ‘Making Time’ at ANTI festival, and the project now has a blog!

Visit http://making-time.net/ to see what we’re pickling here.

En route to ANTI

posted by on 2012.08.22, under MAKESHIFT NEWS, Making Time, PROJECTS

Next up on the cards for Makeshift is ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival, which takes place in Kuopio, Finland, in less than a month!! We’re presenting a new version of our work Making Time, devised as part of p4pilot in 2010, with Performance Space/Perth Institute for Contemporary Art. Fellow live artist extraordinaire Sarah Rodigari has joined the Makeshift team for this exciting caper.

Infos below:

Making Time
Tessa Zettel (makeshift) with Sarah Rodigari
ANTI Contemporary Live Art Festival, Kuopio, Finland
25-30 Sept, 2012

Making Time is an unfolding exercise in redirective practice, beginning with the crafts of pickling, jam making, bottling and otherwise preserving food. Participants are invited to share strategies for preserving a variety of native or backyard surplus foods. In exchange, the artist will provide micro-seminars on key concepts relating to design futures. At the conclusion of each session, those present will collectively decide upon a title with which to label their filled jars, a miniature poetic manifesto indicating both conversational and material contents. All jars will be collected by participants (and given away to passers-by) at a market stall at the end of the festival.

There are 6 preserving sessions, and you can either come and teach your specific recipe or technique to others, or come and learn from others. The festival provides the ingredients used. The working language is English.


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